01 June, 2012

New blog

Sorry - I have got used to Japan now. However, I do write about Japanese stocks.

23 November, 2009

Global Warming Myth Busted

So, yet another secret of life and the market gives up its (how should I put this) - you know - its secrecy, through an everyday life - erm - thing.

While many clever people, most of whom have facial hair, have donated millions of collective manhours studying the why, how and where of global warming is occuring, the answer was with us all along.

Here, in Hamamatsuchyo, we have the clue all interested parties have been looking for.

Why, it is for no plainer reason than:

A giant pigeon laying eggs on the top of the world!

Now, of course there will be criticism and skepticism of this idea, as with any scientific breakthrough. However, you will surely appreciate the elegance of the explanation - it:

  • Can explain global heating with an integrated model

  • Proposes a novel way to explain why the North pole is heating faster than everywhere else

  • Introduces a clear path to solving the problem

And this, of course, is very much like the market. If you analyze something too long, you may miss the giant pigeon.

30 September, 2009

Duck on River, Big One

OK, so basically, once you've stimulated the economy by paying for people to do almost everything except for useful things, there can only be one rational thing left to do.

And that, of course, is to put a big duck on a river:

In fact, this wasn't a stimulus program, but ended up working much better than current ideas. Hundreds of people stand here everyday, just looking at the duck. Some of them are so impressed, they go into the nearby bar, or McDonalds, to contemplate what this all means. The duck is a symbol of peace, a universal unifying symbol of goodness, transcending all the divisions that divide us, and other warm feelings as well. (That's according to the blurb on the side of the duck).

See - look how peaceful you are observing the duck!

How about now?

And this, of course, is just like the market - it is occasionally tricky telling apart fantasy from reality.